Original Abstract Art 

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"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Abstract Artist

3-26-2020 Recognized by Bold Brush/FASO as a Regram Winner for "Happy Chaos"

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Art is Real

— Leon Hammock

"For me I can see the coastline on the right in a foggy drizzle reds and blues and a few yellowy clouds!"

REACH out to me if you see something you like and it shows unavailable!!!  We can make it happen!


Small space, low ceilings. Works beautifully! DCO

I am a modern abstract artist working in the Dallas, GA area. Coming from a family of creative artistic individuals, painting abstracts began in 2015 with a love for the art and wanting to seek a new direction in which to unleash my own abilities. Artwork is created where I may combine several mediums, acrylic and apply on canvas allowing me to interpret my feelings to achieve the desired effect. Inspiration cultivated from a variety of factors including life's experiences, family, friends, and music to seasonal weather. All pieces include my signature red line which came from the love I have for all family and friends who have been a part of my life, red symbolizing warmth, love and compassion.

Its Daphne

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There are no mistakes in art, its all a creation!

Daphne Canale

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Sept. 30 2020
Contest Winner!!


Cindy Butson!!!! You Won!!!!  "Waters Edge"   

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October 31, 2021 

Contest Giveaway Winner!!! 

Nicole @Slicknik96