Breast Cancer 

There are many reasons why we collect and donate for causes. My reason is no different, breast cancer has plagued four of my family members. For every  artwork piece sold for the remainder of the year 2021(effective 4/1/2021 to 10/30/2021) DCO will donate 10% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer.

"Looking Glass" 

Looking Glass 10 x 10 a.jpg

"Good Vibes" 

Lets all allow only good vibes to come into our day! 

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GOOD VIBES 10 X 10.jpg

"Rushing Falls"

The beauty of water falls is never ending. Motivation comes from all beautiful falls in representing either a beginning or an ending of many things and yet finding a balance in life. 




I'm flattered to have been asked to showcase in House & Garden magazine for their Spring/Summer campaign. Although, due to circumstances, DCO decided it would be in our best interest to sit this one out.

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