Every day I wake up breathing, I feel blessed and is another day to spread some kindness, love and positivity.  I come from a family of creative artistic individuals, painting abstracts began in 2015 with a love for the art and wanting to seek a new direction in which to unleash my own abilities. Artwork is created where I may combine several mediums, acrylic and apply on canvas allowing me to interpret my feelings to achieve the desired effect. Inspiration is truly cultivated from a variety of factors including life's experiences, family, friends, and music to seasonal weather. All canvases have a story, in my website select the canvas, scroll down, you can read the inspiration behind each piece.  I paint from what I feel in my soul. Every piece of artwork includes what I call my signature red mark, which is something I began with the passing of my grandmother- I wanted her presence to be felt in everything I paint.



Its Daphne

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